Baita in Val di Rezzalo

Baita in Val di Rezzalo

Within the territory of the Stelvio National Park, the Valle di Rezzalo is one of the most beautiful valleys of the Alta Valtellina region. The silence of the mountains and the unspoilt nature of this protected environment make this valley a perfect setting for a memorable trekking experience. A typical mountain hut was recently refurbished by the owner of the Hotel Torre and is now available to customers who want to enjoy a taste of real mountain-life, with no rush and full freedom.

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contatti Via Zubiani, 80
23035 Sondalo (SO)
Ph +39 0342 801131

Sport and activities

contatti The area offers the chance to practice many sports and to enjoy outdoor activities such as ski, trekking, mountain biking and motorbiking.

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